+ Pilsen, Chicago art and community space, featuring art, crafts and activism by local creatives.

1800 W. 18th St. (entrance on Wood St.) Chicago, IL 60608


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+ gallery Chicago is on an extended hiatus as we explore the cooperative model and build the relationships needed to have art/community spaces that are not gentrifying forces.
eli insta-01

A solo show by Eli Haymer

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love song to the zapatistas video shoot may day pilsen chicago to chiapas kegels for hegel
Love Song to the Zapatistas Kegels for Hegel ft. Isaura and Xochyl

Our friends and collaborators are looking for beat makers to contribute to this project before the final track and video is released.

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the s things youth art show pilsen-01-01
the S things

An art show curated for and by youth artists

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