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1800 W. 18th St. (entrance on Wood St.) Chicago, IL 60608


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5 Things We Learned about Collaborations

“Sustainable Confidence is a journey back into one’s self. It is more than a photo series, it is a way of life. A practice of wholeness, presence and standing confidently in the totality of being human. This photo series focuses on uplifting Black, Brown, Indigenous beauty. Centering fem[me] identified folks of all ages, sizes, and abilities. As well as honoring our mother earth and happily accepting the responsibility of taking care of this earth and checking the choices we make that affect people around the world.”
-Xochyl Perez

Whenever someone asks me about + gallery Chicago, it’s easy to just repeat a variation of what’s in our bio on Instagram “community collaborative space ..” because this phrase is the most succinct and accurate description of what occurs in our > 650 sq. ft gallery. In this post, we’ll share how one of our first collaborations happened. We will also share what we learned along the way in order for you to be inspired to make the right connections and take action on an idea.