+ Pilsen, Chicago art and community space, featuring art, crafts and activism by local creatives.

1800 W. 18th St. (entrance on Wood St.) Chicago, IL 60608


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+ house residence
a paying artist

The Aurora Room

The Aurora Room will provide a room and meals for 6 months, to a paying artist. At the end of each term, the paying artist in residence will receive a solo show at + gallery Chicago. One cat lives at this location.

An illustrated image featuring mountains in the foreground. In the background is the moon and the aurora borealis.
a long term resident who manages the + house

The Moon Room

The Moon Room will host the + house guide, a long-term resident.

an artist exchanging creative labor for a year long stay

The Xochyl Room

The Xochyl room will provide a room and meals for one year, in exchange for 5 hours per week of writing or other creative labor. One cat lives at this location.

A graphic that reads Xochyl in the middle with different illustrated flowers in a row below and above the text.
The + house is a project responding to the need for for transitional and affordable housing. We are currently seeking additional funding and other support.