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Youth Programs
performing arts with a radical lens

Theatre Arts Program

We have organized a performing arts program to encourage youth to use their voices to influence their community and tell their own stories. The program will explore transformative justice, storytelling, and gender.

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A group standing in + gallery Chicago on the day of the Aqui Manda el Pueblo music video shoot.
non-partisan civic education program (ages 15 and up)

The Ward Guard

Members will work with other organizers and educators to create a community education program to reach and teach as many residents as possible about how our system operates. They will encourage voter registration while also inviting the community to participate in a “primary primary”. The members will interview residents, organizers, political organizations, and all persons interested in running for Alderman of the 25th Ward in July of 2018. Members will host a public debate with all persons interested in running for 25th Ward Alderman in early August of 2018.